About Derm·all Matrix
Our Innovation-ECM
ECM Developed by Derm·all Matrix to Keep the Skin Optimally Hydrated

Through rigorous research on biomaterials for skin grafting and the ensuing trials and errors, the research team at Derm·all Matrix finally succeeded in developing ECM, an artificial skin material to replace burn treatment options that are heavily dependent on imported materials.

The health conditions of individual skin cells must be kept at their best to maintain youthful-looking skin.

ECM, or the extracellular matrix, is a network of extracellular macromolecules such as collagen, elastin, and polysaccharide that are major components of the dermis and serve to create an environment for skin cells to grow healthily.

ECM – Key Component of All Derm·all Matrix Products
  • 정상피부 구조
    Normal skin structure
    Cellular components : Scaling skin and fibroblast / Immunocyte / Vascular endothelial cell
    ECM : Collagen / Elastin / Hyaluronic acid
  • ECM
    ECM Components Collagen / Elastin / Hyaluronic acid / Glycosaminoglycan
Enabling the Full Absorption of Beneficial Components
ECM’s Power for Lasting Moisture Transmission
No matter how effective the components are, they are of no use unless absorbed into the skin.
Derm·all Matrix masks rich in ECM components form a barrier to prevent moisture evaporation and thereby help the serum infused with ECM safely reach and absorb into the dermis.
The balance of the dermis is the measure of skin health!
By utilizing ECM with a structure similar to human skin, the serum is efficiently delivered to the dermis and creates a lasting moisturizing environment in a manner differentiated from existing masks.